2016 was a banner year for Green Gravel, and we owe a great deal of that success to each and every volunteer who came out and donated their time to our events! We’re proud to spotlight two volunteers who have joined us for the last two years: Laurel Hanna and Ricardo Rangel, Jr.. Both Laurel and Ricardo have been invaluable to our operations, ranging from hanging flyers in the cold, supervising the door at shows and transporting talent. We’re incredibly lucky to have them on our team and wanted to show ’em off if we may:


There was no better way for Laurel Hanna to spend her time than volunteering for GG – the intersection of her three loves: great jokes, a well-run event, and free pizza. Laurel drops her phone on her face at least once a week, spends too much time trying to make her odd interactions into bite sized quips to tweet, and reading reviews online for items she won’t end up buying. You should follow her @LaurelBeHa so she can obsess over her twitter analytics as if they matter.


Ricardo loves comedy so much his whole life is a joke. He goes to all shows he can to cheer other comedians on. The self-proclaimed fairy-goth-mother of local comedy, people often refer to him as “oh yeah, that guy.” This is his second time volunteering for GG and certainly won’t be the last, unless his mom says no next year. When he’s not on his phone at any given area open mic, he is selling real estate. REALLY. Send him some nudes @ricardorangeljr